Project INAMOS comes to an end 

On April 27th and 28th, INAMOS partners gathered in Odense (Denmark) and connected online to officially conclude the activities of the project: a two days evaluation meeting was hosted by SDU – the University of Southern Denmark, with the aim of taking a good look back to all the steps of these past 3 years, making a quality analysis of the work done and talking about future possibilities of collaboration.

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To proceed with a little excursus, INAMOS started in 2020 and on February 27th-28th the first Full Partner Meeting was held at IST-University of Management in Düsseldorf, Germany. Sadly, almost immediately partners needed to reorganise internally the whole management, due to the impossibility to travel and meet, related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With a true effort, the organisations started the work online, managing to set the basis and the framework for a fruitful collaboration in the upcoming years. The first meeting back in person was in November 2022, in Bern; followed by the Oslo meeting in February 2023, specifically addressed to the academic partners involved in the project, to complete and decide the last steps of the final research.

During all these years, the objective has been to enhance the capacity of sport clubs to integrate a large number of Newly Arrived Migrants, which nowadays remains a key challenge for EU member states: sport clubs provide the ideal setting for encounters and exchange between people from different cultures and good opportunities to build up social contacts, personal relationships and emotional bonds. Based on this positive assessment of sports, and on the fact that only a small number of Voluntary Local Sports clubs are directly involved in the implementation of targeted actions, the need to investigate the European Framework, regional and national politics of the countries involved, to successfully transfer at the local level practices, was deemed as fundamental. Partners collected integrative policies, goals, resources and activities of the clubs as well as investigated the engagement, attitudes and perceptions of the members, volunteers and decision makers. And, through comparative research were able, in the end, to publish recommendations regarding the impact of interventions, providing the possibility to develop effective policy and, ultimately, impactful practice.

The result of each step of research can be found in the results page, where it’s possible to access:


  • The Project Manual
  • Insights on the Research Methodology used
  • First Stakeholder Validation Report
  • A Map of Context, Policies and Programmes
  • A Cross-National Sports/Club Study Report
  • An Analysis of the migrant’s perspective: descriptions and reflections
  • A Summary of main findings and practical recommendations/points of awareness
  • A Learning Environment section, full of useful tools for sports clubs
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Under a more practical point of view, INAMOS also aimed to collect tools for the sports clubs, to share good practices and strengthen the process of integration of Newly Arrived Migrants through Organised Sport. 


Supporting the management level of clubs was in fact one of the main objectives of the project.


To reach this goal, 6 training modules were put together, containing insights and suggestions regarding “how to take strategic and operational decisions” in this sense.


What do the modules focus on? 


-Self-Reflection: challenges and needs of sports clubs regarding integration

-Accessible Funding Options, in the European Union and the partner nations

-Benefits of integration

-Practical Solutions: How to tackle challenges?

-Case study in podcast pills: the Serbian Cricket Federation on the challenges in integration of migrants as a transit country

-Target Group Awareness: Migrants’ experiences, expectations and needs in context of a sports club membership


How to access the free Learning Environment?  Enter it via this link:

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