As a member of ENGSO you become part of a network that bridges the gap between grassroots sport and European Union actors.

The members of ENGSO are:

  • National Confederations of Sport
  • National Olympic Committees
  • European Sport Federations
  • European organisations related to sport. 


ENGSO has one full member per country. Beyond this ENGSO has associated members who have sport and recreation at the heart of their activities, but they are not the lead agency for sport in their country.

How to become a member

If your organisation is interested in applying for a membership, please contact ENGSO Office Director, Marie Denitton at: [email protected].

Why become an ENGSO Member?

Take part in EU-projects led by ENGSO/ENGSO Youth which further strategic partnerships with diverse organisations from all across Europe;

Take the lead in a EU-project and benefit of the wide network and the expertise of ENGSO;

Receive access to the toolkits and educational programs developed within ENSGO networks to implement with your organisation and member organisations to benefit the grassroots sport and local communities;

Receive consultancy/training about project applications and management, funding programs, leadership at international level, policy and advocacy, and communication;

Develop your policy, advocacy, equality or youth strategies and development via the ENGSO Committees and experts to improve your internal capacity and reach your objectives;

Become a developer of policy to promote sport as a positive societal tool;

Receive membership-exclusive communication that informs about and assesses EU policy development and announces relevant events;

Take part and/or co-host our main events and welcome the European grassroots sport movement in your country.

OUR values are democracy, equality, inclusion, sustainability, integrity and education. 

Become a trusted advocating organisation;

Be part of a strong network;

Become a part of the European grassroots sport movement.