Policy publication

ENGSO develops and defends common positions to direct European decision-makers’ attention toward grassroots sport issues. We also make the results of our projects available free of charge and publish our Annual Reports and our Newsletter to share knowledge and experience.


ENGSO’s publications serve two main purposes:

On the organisational level, the statues lay out the functioning of the European Non-Governmental Sports NGO. The strategy informs about the long-term priorities of the work and the annual report provides an account of the achievements of the previous year. Our Code of conduct lays out our internal policies and principles of good governance.

The ENGSO Policy Programme is a comprehensive collection of our positions that are fundamental to advocacy work. Additionally, ENGSO publishes topical position papers that reflect the common position of the ENGSO network.

ENGSO recent publications

ENGSO White Paper on Sustainability

Sustainability and the responsible use of resources is something that individuals, companies, governments and also sport organisations have to consider. Sustainability is the ability to exist and develop without depleting natural resources for the future.

Position Paper on Gender Equality

Aligned with the EWS Strategy 2024-2027, this new Position Paper on Gender Equality intends to give ENGSO members a clear picture of what ENGSO stands for and a practical inspiration to develop gender equality strategies/policies in their own organisations and networks at national level.

ENGSO Position On the European Sport Model

Drawn up in collaboration with the members, the position paper lays explicitly the focus on the bottom part of the pyramidal structure – the grassroots sport movement


The research for the White Paper was focused on three main dimensions related to the topic of accessibility: physical, geographical and socio-economic accessibility.

We stand in solidarity with Ukraine: statement from ENGSO, ENGSO Youth & Young Delegates

As the European Sports NGO representing the civil society of sport, our aim is to stand up for peace, defend and promote human rights, and fight inequality, discrimination, violence, abuse and hate in sport and through sport.

Statement from the ENGSO Executive Committee on the situation in Ukraine

Horrified by the attack on Ukraine and its people, ENGSO reaffirms its solidarity for Ukraine, condemns the violence ordered by the Russian and Belarusian governments.