World Fair Play Awards

The World Fair Play Awards were organised by the International Fair Play Committee in Budapest, Hungary in Friday, 17 June 2022. Edina Andrejkó, ENGSO Executive Committee member representing Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation, participated in the event.


At the festive event in Buda Castle Jenő Kamuti, President of the International Fair Play Committee, reminded the audience in his opening speech that the concept of fair play has been around since the ancient Olympics. He added that today, social and ethical changes make it increasingly necessary to expand the idea of fair play. The sport leader stressed that with the rise of cheating, lying, corruption, chauvinism, greed for money and political careerism, fair play is becoming increasingly important. Finally, he expressed his pleasure that, after a two-year break due to the pandemic, the best in sportsmanship could once again be honoured at a combined gala.

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The winners of 2019:


Pierre de Coubertin Prize (act of fair play):


Trophy: Roger Casugay (surfer)


Diploma: Diploma: Saeid Mollaei (judo) és David Livramento (cycling)


Jean Borotra Award (sport career and life in the spirit of fairplay):


Diploma: Ryszard Stadniuk, former president of the Polish Rowing Federation and Chingiz Huseynzadeh, Azeri sport leader


Willi Daume Prize (promotion of fair play):


Diploma: Alexander Rubio Alvarez, Ruggero Alcanterini Italian journalist and Katayoon Ashraf sports leader


Jacques Rogge Fair Play for Youth Award:


Trophy: Giovanni Borgonovo (rowing)


Diploma: Ferencváros ice hockey team and Eugenio Dondi (cyclist)


The winners of 2020:


Pierre de Coubertin Prize (act of fair play):


Diploma: David Livramento (cyclist) and the BVSC-Zugló men’s water polo team


Jean Borotra Award (sport career and life in the spirit of fairplay):


Trophy: Prof. Franco Ascani, President of the International Sports Film Federation and member of the Cultural Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)


Diploma: Gianfranco Vitali (Italian sports organiser) and Félix Sienra Castellenos Uruguayan veteran sportsman, former sailor and sports leader


Willi Daume Prize (promotion of fair play):


Diploma: Professor Mario Testi – posthumous, Professor Francesco Franceschetti, basketball coach Stefano Bizzozi, President of the non-profit organisation Sports Around the World and the Turkish Olympic Committee

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