#WomensDay: ENGSO Secretary General Sara Massini at the GAMES project final conference

ENGSO Secretary General Sara Massini participated in the GAMES project final conference, hosted by the European Olympic Committee EU office on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, 8 March 2024, in Brussels, Belgium.

GAMES project’s main objective was to improve gender equality in the key leadership and decision-making positions of National Olympic Committees (NOCs) by promoting structural changes in the governance, enhancing the understanding of the existing cultural barriers and encouraging the NOCs to work with their member federations to create a sustainable change.



Key learnings from the conference included a conclusion that in order to make a real change, when it comes to gender equality in NOCs leadership and decision-making positions, it is crucial to establish networks and implement joint actions. Additionally, the conference guest speakers highlighted the importance of involving all stakeholders in order to maximise the impact and to include men in the process as well to initiate the change of culture.


Reaching gender balance doesn’t mean reaching gender equality: gender equality implies the recognition of equal rights, equal treatment, equal payment etc… It is important to differentiate the terms because we may reach gender balance in a sports environment but at the same time not achieve gender equality. It is also essential to take into consideration gender budgeting. 


The conference concluded with the message of how crucial it is to make a step forward for gender equality in sport, including within the NOCs leadership and decision-making positions. 

Games Project
Games Project Conference

Learn more about the project: games-project.com

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