WEBINAR:Women in Sport - EWS research shows multi-layered realities

“We need to talk about it to understand that there are different femininities in our teams” (Migrant transgender woman from German, EWS 2023 study).

During the next EWS online seminar, participants will hear more about the striking numbers from a study commissioned by ENGSO on the participation and experiences of women in sport. The study was designed with a specific attention on intersectionality (age, gender identity and expression, disabilities, sexual orientation, race, etc.). 

During the seminar participants will have the chance to discuss with the speakers:

  • the findings in relation to the data previously published
  • the existing literature
  • and the strategies implemented to improve equality in Europe in and beyond sport.

Date: 28 November 2023

Time: 13:00 – 14:00 CET

Location: online

Did you know?


Approximately 1 out of 5 women faced a situation of harassment or discrimination in a sport environment.


Women with disabilities, older women, transgender women, and migrant women tended to participate less in physical activity or sports.


Nearly 90% of women had experienced verbal harassment.


In 76% of cases, the incidents of harassment and discrimination went unreported.


Angélica Sáenz

Angelica Saenz

EWS researcher


Angélica Sáenz is a PhD student at the faculty of physical activity and sport sciences at the University of Valencia. She is currently researching about sexual and gender diversity in physical education and sport.  She is a researcher in the Equality Within Sport EWS committee – ENGSO, she has been working as a sports administrator at the Club Esportiu LGTBI+ Samarucs Valencia since 2020  and she is a lecturer at the Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia de Colombia (UNAD) and UNISPORT the first business school in the sports sector. She is a member and researcher of the first Spanish Research Network on LGTBIQ+, Physical Education and Sport (LGTBIQ+EFD) and collaborates with some Erasmus+ projects for inclusion and diversity in sport.

Ilaria Todde

Ilaria Todde

Advocacy and Research Director, EuroCentralAsian Lesbian* Community (EL*C) 


Ilaria Todde is a lesbian activist, actively engaged in feminist and LGBTI struggles from a very young age. A butch from Sardinia, navigating the gender roles and expectations that rural, traditional societies impose on non-conforming people, Ilaria found a home in feminism and in the lesbian community and never left. Started out as a grassroots activist and community organiser, then has taken part, in different capacities, in the national struggles and advocacy efforts of the Italian and International lesbian and LGBTI movements. A member of the EL*C team since its beginning, and with years of professional experiences in the European Commission, Ilaria is currently the EL*C Advocacy and Research Director

Eda Emirdag

Eda Emirdag (active listener)

Chair of Roller Derby Nederland


Eda started Roller Derby in 2013 as a skater. Through roller derby, she learned about

empowerment of women, LGBTQI+ community and body-positivity. From time to time, she questioned her own biases. As chair of Roller Derby Nederland, she strives to create a safe space for every roller derby participant in the Netherlands.

Tarja Krum

Tarja Krum (moderator)

EWS Vice Chair, ENGSO


Tarja Krum works as a Sustainability manager at the Swedish Sports Association in Finland. Equality and inclusion is one of the main topics she works with daily. She is also the Vice-Chair of the ENGSO Equality Within Sport (EWS) committee and a member of the International Ice Swimming Association’s Age Committee.