Webinar: Stand up for equality – LGBTQI+ community in sport

Did you know that according to a survey* on LGBTQI+ participation in sport, 90% of respondents believe that homophobia and transphobia is a problem in sport? We believe the European sport movement can do better.



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“Stand up for equality: LGBTQI+ community in sport”


Date: 29 June 2022, at 15:00 CEST (Brussels) Location: online


Organised by ENGSO Equality Within Sport Committee (EWS)

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Barriers to participation, violence, discrimination, and an outrageously low number of incidents being reported: the European sport movement can do better to be a welcoming and safe place for all. The LGBTQI+ community was harshly impacted by the restrictions due to Covid-19 pandemic; what role can sport play in the recovery process? During Pride Month, the Equality Within Sport Committee (EWS) of ENGSO, gives space to key players in the field to voice their experiences and discuss the opportunities that sport offers to build stronger and more equal grassroot communities.


The program:


15:00 Welcoming words


Sallie Barker, EWS Chair


Note: role, work and importance of EWS


15:05 Truths and facts: LGBTQI+ in sport


Sarah Townsend, EGLSF Co-President


Note: setting the scene, introducing the study on LBTI women and work of EGLSF


15:15 Panel discussion: LGBTQI+ in sport, perspectives and lived experiences

  • Amanda Bennet, Managing Director at FairPlay Ltd and Member of the Welsh Rugby Union Women’s Advisory Group Note: past/recent developments towards a more inclusive sport
  • Brano Fidler (Slovakia), member of the Lotus Flowers Club in Bratislava Note: building a safe and inclusive sport community
  • Laura May, Policy officer at Center for Ethics in Sport Note: raising capacity of umbrella sport organisations and federations at the national and regional level

Moderated by Sallie Barker


15:45 Discussion


Moderated by Sallie Barker and Sarah Townsend


15:55 Closing remark


Sallie Barker, EWS Chair


Note: dissemination of study on LBTI women and future EWS webinar trans and intersex athletes


*https://www.out-sport.eu/research/ Research conducted in 2019 by the Institute of Sociology and Gender Studies of the German Sport University Cologne for the Outsport project, an Erasmus Plus Sport Program co-funded by the European Commission.