Webinar: LGBTQI+ community – participation and experiences in sport

Join the Equality Within Sport Committee for the webinar entitled “LGBTQI+ community: participation and experiences in sport” which will present the main outcomes and results of the study on LGBTQI+ experiences in sport in Europe.


As part of ENGSO Equality in sport action plan, the Equality Within Sport (EWS) Committee has commissioned research on the state of equality within the European sport sector. The aim of the study was to collect up-to-date data that correlate with topics related to the LGBTQI+ community and its participation in sport. Here are some of the main findings.

DATE: 23 February 2023 at 13:00 CET




Introduction: is European sport a welcoming place for the LGBTQI+ community?
with Sallie Barker, EWS Chair


Presentation of the study, methodology and results
with Floriane Poncet, ENGSO Equality and Project Officer, and Tarja Krum, Sustainable Manager at the Swedish Sports Organisation in Finland and EWS member


Recommendations: how to move forward towards inclusion?
with Liam Strasser, Specialist for gender diversity in sport at 100% SPORT – Austrian Center of Excellence for Gender Equality & SAFE SPORT and EWS member, and with Noemí Fluixa, European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) board member


Next steps: conclusions and future work of EWS

Meet the speakers

Sallie Barker

Sallie Barker is the Chair of the Equality Within Sport (EWS) Committee of ENGSO. Sallie has worked in sport for over 30 years. She originally trained to be a teacher and holds an MA in Physical Education. Sallie then worked at the GB Sports Council and Sport England for 12 years before joining the Sport and Recreation Alliance in 2002, where she was the Head of Operations. Sallie retired in 2015 and is now able to use her time on her passion – volunteering and working for her community. She is also chair of the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Steering Group, Finance and Governance Director on the Board of World Lacrosse, chair of GB Lacrosse Women’s World Cup, President of her local Women’s Institute. For her services to sport, Sallie was made an MBE in the 2017 New Year’s Honours list.

Tarja Krum

Tarja Krum is a sustainable manager at the Swedish Sports Organisation in Finland (Finlands Svenska Idrott). She is among all educating in gender equality and inclusion as well functioning as a project leader in integration, inclusion and gender equality projects.


In her missions as Equality and Project Officer at ENGSO, Floriane Poncet coordinates the implementation of ENGSO’s annual Equality Action-Plan and supports the activities of the Equality Within Sport (EWS) committee such as webinars, training, advocacy work, awareness raising and research. She develops and leads international and European projects using sport as a tool for social change, inclusion, sustainability and promotion of values. Floriane is also the project manager of the EQUIP (Equip for Equality in Practice) on-going project coordinated by ENGSO and a member of the French Olympic Academy.

Liam Strasser

Liam Strasser is a specialist for gender diversity in sport at 100% SPORT – Austrian Center of Excellence for Gender Equality & SAFE SPORT. In addition to an advisory function as a cross-sport contact for sports organizations for inquiries related to the inclusion of trans, inter* and non-binary people, his focus is on raising awareness and networking in the area of gender equality.

Noemi Fluixa Pic 17.46.37

Noemí Fluixà has been a board member of the European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation (EGLSF) for almost a year, and also a board member of the LGBTI+ sports club Panteres Grogues Barcelona for 8 years, where she has been in charge of women’s sports teams and coordinator of different events, including the multi-sport event Donasport, which focuses on promoting women’s sports. She is also currently involved in the Inclusion in Sport (iSport) E+ project of the Erasmus+ programme coordinated by EUSA.

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