The kick off meeting for SURE project took place in Azores

The official kick off meeting for the SURE project took place in Azores, Portugal, on 29-30 April 2024. ​

The meeting started on 29 April 2024 with a short introduction of the project and presentations of partners organizations. The discussed research strategy of the project during the session organised by OPES that was followed by presentations of the management strategy by ENGSO and the communication and dissemination strategy by NOC Croatia.

On the second day, 30 April 2024, the partners discussed the details about management of the project. FSI presented a proposal on project management sustainability policy and BAIS presented evaluation and monitoring strategy for the project. The day finished with a presentation of good practices from an associated partner of the project NOC North Macedonia

Sure Project Kick Off 2024


What is the main goal of SURE?
With this project the partners aim to enhance and test a model of cooperation to build the resilience of the organized sport movement and ensure the societal role of sport for stronger communities, focusing on the access to sport for the most vulnerable socio-economic groups, with the aim to be better equipped to face crisis (energy, displacement, pandemic).

The next phases of the project will include research on existing practices and gaps that will be followed by creation and testing of a cooperation model through various activities organised by all partners.

Sure Project 2024 2
Sure Project 2024

SURE gathers a competent and motivated consortium of 11 partners and 5 associated partners from 13 countries, coming from private and public fields, from within and outside the organised sport movement.

11 partners:

  • European Non-Governmental Sports Organization (Sweden),
  • 100% SPORT – Austrian Center of Excellence for Gender Equality & SAFE SPORT (Austria),
  • Secretaria Regional da Saude eDesporto – Acores (Portugal),
  • Finlands Svenska Idrott (Finland),
  • Hrvatski Olimpijski Odbor (Croatia),
  • Olympic Committee of Serbia (Serbia),
  • Triple ThreaT (Netherlands),
  • Organizzazione Per l’Educazione allo Sport (Italy),
  • Sportunity (Luxembourg),
  • Budapesti Egyesulet a Nemzetkozi Sportert (Hungary),
  • Sport Social Solutions Skopje (North Macedonia).

5 associated partners

  • University Niccolò Cusano (Italy),
  • Comite National Olympique et Sportif Francais (France),
  • Makedonski Olimpiski Komitet Skopje (North Macedonia),
  • NOC of Ukraine (Ukraine),
  • Österreichische Bundes-Sportorganisation (Austria).

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