The Expert Committee of the Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme meets in Brussels

The Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme (YIAP) project kicked off in August, in Vilnius, Lithuania with the objective to set the agenda for the educational programme that will empower youth building a culture of integrity.

During the European Week of Sport, the project had its second meeting in Brussels on 28-29 September. This meeting served as an opportunity for the Youth and Sport Integrity Expert Committee (YSIEC) to meet and discuss the planned activities.


The YSIEC includes one youth expert and one young person from each partner organisation. The goal of the committee is to prepare the training course for the young participants that will later enrol in the YIAP programme.

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Good practices that will be used to build the educational curriculum were one of the main discussion points. The curriculum will be needed both for the training course and the toolkit the project partners will produce. The toolkit will help partners to spread the message even beyond their own borders and to involve more and more young people as Integrity Ambassadors.


Furthermore, the YSIEC reviewed and discussed the programme of the training course and the criteria for the selection of the young ambassadors joining the course.

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On 29 September, the meeting included a seminar on the topic of sport integrity and youth empowerment that was co-organised by the project’s partner The European Lotteries and included inspirational speakers from ENGSO and ENGSO Youth, Panathlon International, Belgian Lotteries, Special Olympics and EUSA.


The partners will now proceed with the selection of the participants and work to further refine the educational curriculum and the programme of the training course to take place in February 2023, in Portugal.