Sports as Value project will map the stakeholders’ mentality towards grassroots sports in part of the Western Balkan region  

The project team is preparing several surveys currently to approach different stakeholders. The questionnaires are developed by the University of Pristina with the support of NOC Kosovo and ENGSO, and it will aim to reach students, local and national federations and sport ministries. The ultimate goal is to collect enough data to be able to create a comparative analysis between the Balkan countries and to form a conclusion about how the situation of grassroots sports could be developed in these countries.

This above task is one of the first ones and it needs to be fulfilled very precisely and with high quality to be able to base our future work on it. The University of Pristina will complement this study with a collection of good practices which will happen at the same time, supported by EAS organisation. The collection of good practices targets to serve as an inspiration for further stakeholders in the area to develop grassroots sports. 


At the end of the summer, the university will conclude the results and based on their evaluation we will work on the main points with professionals. Two workshops will be held, – one in Portugal and one in Bosnia and Herzegovina – for coaches, club leaders and event managers. Besides their personal development during the workshops, they will incorporate the findings and learning of the comparative analysis into a guideline about sustainable and cooperative event management. Based on this guideline, they will implement sport events across the Balkan region in 2024 where these neighbouring countries will work together. This cooperation between them will be one of our key elements throughout the whole project. 

Would you like to contribute to this development? Keep an eye out for the upcoming survey which will be launched soon. 

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