Sports as Value project released its most essential documents about grassroots sports in the Western Balkan region

In 2023 early summer we started with the lead of the University of Pristina to gather data from four Balkan countries - Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Kosovo - in order to understand the current situation regarding grassroots sports in these countries.

This March we were able to successfully release this comparative analysis which focuses on three different target groups: sport ministries, national sport federations, and last but not least,  students and amateur athletes.

Sports As Value Cover Pages

The findings underscore the significance of grassroots sports development in promoting equity, diversity, and active lifestyles across this region. While there are areas of divergence, – such as the prioritization of certain aspects and perceptions of barriers to participation -, the collective commitment to enhancing inclusivity and equal opportunities in sports is evident. Moving forward, concerted efforts from national federations, local organizations, and communities will be essential to further advancing grassroots sports development and ensuring that all individuals have the opportunity to participate in sports activities.


Besides the three research papers, we also released a collection of good practices that aim to inspire sports organisations about how they can integrate value promotion through sports activities. This is one of the supporting documents which we offer in the partnership, as well as it serves also as a basis for the creation of joint actions between the partner countries. 


In addition, we developed sustainable event guidelines for small-scale organisations. As many organisations struggle with a lack of workforce or other resources to implement their events, this tool can help them make their life easier with its structured tips on event management.

The strategic documents for grassroots sports development reflect a collective commitment to fostering inclusivity, expanding participation, and enhancing sports infrastructure in Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. Despite facing challenges, – such as funding limitations and infrastructure deficiencies -, efforts are underway to address these obstacles through collaboration, targeted initiatives, and strategic planning.

Overall, these countries demonstrate a proactive and multifaceted approach to grassroots sports development, aiming to promote participation, excellence, and inclusivity across their respective sports landscapes.

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