Sports as Value project held its second workshop for event organisers

Between 19-22 November, the second Sports as Value workshop was organized, this time by the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina. OPES Italia was in charge of creating valuable and useful workshop content which they had planned based on the feedback of the participants. The partners have expressed their need that they would like to enable their participants with more project management skills which will help them in the future to run similar projects like Sports As Value.

Sports As Value Sarajevo 2023

Besides focusing on technical skills such as project design, implementation, budget monitoring, coordination and evaluation systems, the objective of the workshop was to draft a base of a sustainable grassroots sports event management guidelines, as well as to start to form the joint actions. The partners have been paired up to organize cooperatively events in their countries about value promotion and sports. The common work will also enhance their relationship for future cooperation. They are also encouraged to help each other as they own diverse useful competencies.

In the upcoming period, the project team will finalise the guidelines and the plan for the joint activities in the Western Balkan region. The next in-person meeting will happen in Montenegro in June when the Olympic Committee will show us how to deliver a sustainable grassroots sports event locally about values in sport.

Sports As Value Meeting In Sarajevo