Sports as Value project held its first workshop for event organisers

Lisbon, Portugal, 12-14 October 2023

Between 12-14 October the project team held their first workshop in Lisbon to raise the capacity of sport managers, coaches, and volunteers. The workshop happened at the same time of the European Sport Platform 2023 – ENGSO’s flagship event – as the topic of the conference was in line with the thematics of Sports As Value project: Values in sports.

The event was hosted by the Portuguese Sport Confederation partner and the content was designed by OPES Italia. The participants of the workshops could hear about integrity, benefits of gender equality, good governance in sports organisations, sustainability in three dimensions and children safeguarding in sport. Beside learning about values, it was a wonderful opportunity for networking as well. Thanks to the Portuguese hospitality the participants could also see Lisbon by night from a very particular point of view, from the Sao Jorge Castle.


Beside the workshop, the project team also had a chance to discuss together the following steps, getting ready for the quickly approaching second workshop which will be held in Sarajevo in November. While the other part of the project team is still working on the collection of good practices and the comparative analysis about the Western Balkan countries. In addition, ENGSO could hold a high-level meeting with the Presidents of the involved NOCs to shape the project aims more according to their newly found needs or changes.

Sports As Value Workshop Lisbon