Sports as value project aims to improve grassroots sport development in Balkan region

Within the framework of the Sports as Value project, countries from the Balkan region and from the European Union partnered up to build stronger communities and peaceful societies through sports and the promotion of EU values in a historically fragmented region.

One of the main objectives of the project is the organisational development of sports clubs, organizations and federations within the grassroots sports movement in a structured, dynamic and systematic way. The other objective is about the personal development of sports professionals – coaches, managers, event organisers or club leaders – to learn about how to transfer values through sports activities and how to organise sustainable events with cross-border cooperation and cultural inclusivity. 

Sport As Value Grassroots Balkan Sport

Until the end of summer, project partners from Balkan countries will be gathering data for the University of Pristina, which will later create a comparative analysis of the current grassroots sports situation in that region. 


At the same time, the preparation work for the upcoming Sports as Value workshops is underway. The first project workshop will be held in Portugal in October 2023, followed by the second workshop which will be organised in Bosnia and Herzegovina in November 2023. The content of the workshop will be finalized in the coming week with the help of project’s partner from Italy, OPES.

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