Sport Integrity as an accelerator for inclusion and involvement in sport: European Week of Sport 2023​

The European Week of Sport (EWoS) has the power to turn on the spotlight at EU and national level on sport policies, active lifestyle and the important role they play in European society.

European Lotteries, ENGSO-ENGSO Youth and Panathlon International have decided to bring on the positive collaboration established since several years and use the opportunity of this 2023 EWoS to follow up and reflect upon the results of their common project “Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme” that was launched during 2022 edition of the European Week of Sport, and at the same time present a new initiative which is about to start and involves National lotteries, NGOs and the Panathlon International’s local communities in several EU Member states. The key topic of this 2023/24 initiative will align with the main theme of the 2023 European Week of Sport – Involvement, Inclusion and Innovation. 

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Title of the event: Inclusion and involvement through Youth for Sport Integrity

Date: 26 September 2023 from 11:00 – 13:00 CET.

Location: Brussels – Panathlon International, EU Office: Egmontstraat 11 Brussels (or online)

Topic: Sport Integrity as an accelerator for inclusion and involvement in sport.

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The event entitled “Sport Integrity as an accelerator for inclusion and involvement in sport” will be organized within the framework of the European Week of Sport edition of 2023, on 26 September 2023, held in Brussels.


It will focus on topics of “Involvement, Inclusion and Innovation”, underlining how sport integrity will foster the involvement and the inclusion of young people and citizens in general.


For that matter, the event will showcase the Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme (YIAP) as an example of best practices with regards the relationship between youth and sport integrity. Also at the end the three organization will launch their new initiative for 2024 to continue foster “Involvement, Inclusion and Innovation”.

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