Sport clubs and federations across Europe develop equality strategies

The partners of the EQUIP project support sport clubs and federations across Europe to implement ambitious equality action-plans. The team is now ready to summarise the project’s main learnings through a series of videos on equality, diversity and inclusion in grassroots sport.

The EQUIP project has entered its third and final year. On 12-14 March 2023 , the partners of the EQUIP project gathered in Brussels, Belgium, to discuss the project legacy and the dissemination of the results. 


They are currently supporting more than 15 ‘Champions’ (clubs and federations) in six different countries (Belgium, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden) committed to improving governance and tackling issues of inequality at any level within their structure. 


The key learnings identified along the way will be presented in a series of mini-videos accessible to all on the ENGSO Education website and published during the final conference of the project. 


The project team is currently working on the program of this exciting conference on equality, diversity and inclusion: save the date for 12 October 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. This event will be followed by the European Sport Platform (ESP) organised by ENGSO. 

Equip Project Meeting Brussels

This conference will be an amazing opportunity to meet and learn from those who are actively engaged on the field to build a more inclusive sport movement: managers, athletes and representatives at the local and national levels, individuals who will share their experiences about how to break down barriers in sport, experts and organizations who are working daily to propose innovative solutions for inclusion in sport.


As a very short teasers of what will be touched upon in Lisbon on 12. October, the EQUIP partners would like to share the following recommendations with any umbrella sport organization working on diversity with their members:


Involve people on the field who believe in the importance of positive changes, as much as you do;

Listen carefully to the needs of the clubs/federations to propose a tailored action-plan;

Start with the topic(s) that are the most relevant before addressing other issues related to equality in sport; 

Be mindful about the timing;

And value every small step along the way!

EQUIP is coordinated by ENGSO and co-financed by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. Meet the project partners and follow the group’s achievements on the EQUIP webpage.

Equip Team In Brussels

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