Sport Austria hosts in Vienna the ENGSO Members Seminar on Equality and Sport

Cofounded by the CERV program from the European Union, the seminar involved more than 70 participants from all over Europe and focused on youth participation, specifically on LGBTQI+ youth community and the impact of AI in grassroots sports.

On the 15th of June, Sport Austria hosted in Vienna the ENGSO Members Seminar on Equality and Sport. The event aimed to empower national umbrella sports organisations with knowledge and skills on equality in sports and create an active European network of advocates (sport managers, volunteers, representatives) focusing on the intersectionality dimension of equality.

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The proposal of Sport Austria for the seminar was to analyse the needs and barrier of participation young people in sports with specific focus on LGBTQI+ community and the impact of AI on sport focusing on the difference between genders. Over 70 participants coming from sport organizations of different European countries, had the chance to be exposed to the most updated data collection and good practices focusing on resources and tools to be used to increase the participation of young people in sports with a specific focus on youth from LGBTQI+ community and to use AI in the best way to empower their sport program, understanding what tool is better used from which gender.

All participants received background materials used by the speakers to concretely adopt some of the tips presented in their daily work.

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The event  has been possible thanks to the contribution, organization and logistical support of Sport Austria which was awarded financial support to third parties under the project “Sport and Equality: connecting grassroots voluntary based sport organizations and EU stakeholders working in Equality to promote equality, human rights and democratic values for a stronger Europe” cofounded by the CERV program from the European Union.  

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