Sports as Value project will promote & integrate positive values within Balkan grassroot sport movement

At the beginning of the 2023, the Erasmus+ funded project “Sport as Value” initiated a two-year long journey in which countries from the Balkan region and the European Union partnered up for a common goal; to integrate positive values within the sport practice, and to build stronger communities through sport and promotion of EU values.

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The participating countries and organisations are the followings:

  • Italy: Organizzazione per L’educazione allo Sport (OPES)
  • Kosovo: Kosovo Olympic Committee (NOC KOSOVO)
  • Kosovo: Universiteti i Prishtines (UNI PRISTINA)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Udrezenje Gradana Olimpijski Komitet Bosne i Hercegovine Sarajevo (NOC BiH)
  • Montenegro: Crnogorski Olimpijski Komitet (NOC MONTENEGRO)
  • Albania: Komiteti Olimpik Kombetar Shqiptar (NOC ALBANIA)
  • Malta: The European Athlete as Student (EAS)

Portugal: Confederacao do desporto de Portugal (PSC)

The project Sport as Value has two main objectives;
First, to build the capacity of sport clubs, organizations and federations to integrate positive values into the sport practice at the grassroots level in a structured, dynamic and systematic way;
and second, to build stronger communities and peaceful societies through sport and promotion of EU values in a historically fragmented region.


In order to achieve those objectives, several activities are planned within the framework of the project. 


In March, the partners will gather in Tirana, Albania, for the in-person kick-off meeting. The meeting will be followed by research that will focus on grassroots sports across the regions with an aim to increase the general knowledge and understanding of the current state. The partners will also gather the good practices on the topic of “promotion of values”. 


Later on this year, workshops will be held to raise the capacity of sport managers, coaches, and volunteers working within the event management department in grassroots sports organisations. The workshops will focus on technical skills such as project design, implementation, budget monitoring, coordination and evaluation to build the capacity of the participants, and creating impactful and sustainable programs on “values promotion”. After developing new skill sets, joint actions will take place in the four Balkan countries based on the guidelines which will be developed through initial project activities and research. 


The joint actions will start on the Olympic day (23 June 2024) in Montenegro, and continue with activities in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania until the European Week of Sport in September 2024. 


The project partners hope to create sustainable, long-lasting partnerships in the Balkan region, with skilled and knowledgeable organisers that will successfully promote the positive impact of grassroots sports and the values in sport which will result in stronger, peaceful and more connected societies. 

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