Shaping the future of grassroots sport in Europe

In the past few months, the 36 trained Ambassadors of the Youth Integrity Ambassador Programme implemented local activities all around Europe: to spread the value of integrity and fairplay, but most importantly to start conversation around these topics in their communities and keep them relevant in the field.

The activities were carried on, both online and offline, in Sweden, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Portugal, Austria & Hungary starting from May 2023. 

Young ambassadors’ actions to support and promote integrity

Many of the actions in the countries involved gave the young participants the chance to be promoters of discussions around values and ethics in sports. Each local group decided to focus on the priorities and topics they evaluated as most important in their contexts, although everyone was supported by the training methodology and contents shared in February’s Training Course, held in Lisbon and hosted by the Portuguese Sport Confederation.

Among the many topics covered through the local activities: discrimination for  geographical reasons, for economical background, sexual orientation, disabilities, gender,  and all kinds of prejudices that impede people to have access to clean, safe, fair and value centred sport.

Workshops, presentations and engaging games have drawn the attention of all generations of people attending, making the number of people reached grow and contributing to enriching the conversations by involving multiple points of view. A big participation, though, has been registered among young people of different age groups, starting from children, to university students.

What are the next steps?


YIAP project wants to be a starting point for a new generation of young people protecting and promoting integrity in their local sport communities, but also the launch of a new network of ambassadors supporting each other in Europe for a fairer and safer sport. 

To enlarge and reinforce the network, many new tools will be soon available, and officially presented during the final event hosted in Malmö by the coordinator of the project, the Swedish Sport Confederation, on 26th-28th February 2024.

Built through the work of YIAP ambassadors:

  • Toolkit for building local actions for integrity in sport, with tips from the ambassadors 
  • Toolkit on how to build an effective online campaign to promote positive messages for sport
  • Policy documenti with Recommentations for Sustainable Youth Participatory Mechanism
Yiap Project Italy