Recap: ENGSO SandSi webinar on Sustainability in Sport

Within the framework of the CHANGE framework and Move4Nature, and in collaboration with ENGSO, ENGSO Youth SandSi and Institute Impact, we hosted the Sustainability in sport webinar which discussed progress, processes and concrete action in the field of sustainability.

The webinar is organised within the framework of CHANGE and Move4Nature Erasmus Plus projects.

ENGSO Youth (EY) Vice Chair Erik van Harren opened the webinar on behalf of ENGSO and ENGSO Youth, and together with SandSi member of the board of directors Orsolya Tolnay highlighting the importance of sustainable actions for sport and its future. 


The two main sessions were led by Maxime Chusseau, SandSi Program Coordinator, who shared the strategies on reducing waste at major sport events, and by EY Committee member Valentin Doupona led a session on “Green events for grassroots sport”, presenting initiatives and good practices from ENGSO member Sport Austria. 


ENGSO Projects Coordinator and EY Committee member Alessia de Iulis and ENGSO researcher Niki Koutrou introduced the outputs of the CHANGE project, and ENGSO/EY Communication officer Polona Fonda presented the Move4Nature project. The webinar was facilitated by Alessia and Polona.


The CHANGE project will contribute to the promotion of integrity and values in sport by focusing on promoting and improving good governance in sport. The organised sport movement will be equipped to adopt innovative governance approaches, tailored for grassroots sports, to build sustainable and innovative ways to tackle present and future challenges.


The main aim of the project is to develop an educational programme on innovation and change management within the organised sports movement. The programme will focus on building resilience and environmental, economic and social sustainability by focusing on: Digitalisation, Inclusion/Engagement and Sustainability.


A group of experts will gather a comprehensive overview of best practices and create an interactive programme that will support the European grassroot sport movement in their work to build sustainable and innovative ways to tackle present and future challenges.


Move4Nature uses outdoor sports, particularly hiking, as a tool to teach youth, and adults, about the importance of the environmental protection and climate action. Through hiking and physical activity in nature, the project also promotes healthy lifestyles, inclusion and intergenerational exchange.


We teamed up with experts from the fields of environment, water and wildlife protection, mountaineering and inclusive hiking, and physical education to deepen our knowledge on working with youth and for the planet.