Position paper on EU Work Plan for Sport 2024-2027

The EU Work Plan for Sport, adopted by the Council of the European Union, is a strategic document on sport, outlining priorities, objectives, and activities related to sports policy.

The current work plan for sport, in force for three years, is nearing its conclusion and is expected to be succeeded by the EU Work Plan for Sport 2024-2027 during the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU. ENGSO, in collaboration with its members and partners, has actively participated in an extensive consultation process to formulate grassroots priorities. This effort has culminated in the creation of a position paper on the EU Work Plan for Sport.


The position paper aims to enhance accessibility by incorporating both summary and full-length versions of the document. Additionally, it is structured around three main pillars: the role of grassroots sport, the European sport model, and issues of equality, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and safety.


ENGSO is pleased to announce the publication of the position paper and extends an invitation to all interested parties to familiarize themselves with grassroots sport priorities and the vision for the upcoming EU Work Plan for Sport.

Position Paper On The Eu Work Plan For Sport 2024 2027

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