Partners evaluated the Equip for Equality in Practice (EQUIP) project

Lisbon, Portugal, 12 October 2023

In Lisbon, Portugal, the EQUIP partners met on 11-13 October 2023, to evaluate and close their 3-year Erasmus+ co-funded project.

This closing meeting did not only gather the 9 official EQUIP partners, but it was also the opportunity to invite some of the EQUIP champions and equality experts who had been involved at different project stages.


The EQUIP Champions are clubs and federations from Belgium, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Sweden and Portugal who actively implemented action plans in their realities to improve equality and fight discrimination related to several topics: gender equality and diversity, sexual orientation, disabilities, socio-economic status, racial and ethnic discrimination.

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The Equality experts contributed at different levels, for example by exchanging good practices, by sharing their expertise during “Equality Within Sport” workshops across Europe, or by revising the project’s tangible results. These are freely accessible on the project page and were presented to the participants of the Equality in Sport (EQUIP) conference on 12 October 2023:  

  • Index of top policies and practices
  • Equality Within Sport’ Workshop – Delivery Guide
  • Equality-Action Plan – Design Guide
  • Series of mini-videos


Finally, the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) team conducted a final evaluation with all these actors. This will be computed into a final report, also accessible on ENGSO-Education before the end of the year.

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