Nomination of External Experts to join the ENGSO EWS Committee

The ENGSO EWS Committee operates at a strategic level, advocating for equality in grassroots sport in Europe. The Committee advises the ENGSO Executive Committee on equality matters and ensures a coordinated and smooth working procedure in this area.


It also represents the interest of our members in the widest sense of equality and works to further develop equality in sports participation. The role of the committee is to provide a “hub” of expertise and knowledge and to work with partner organisations to effect change.


EWS focus 2022 – 2024


The EWS Committee recently reviewed its role and responsibilities and agreed that whilst the focus will continue to be on gender equality, there would also be a focus on four ‘intersectional’ areas as we recognized that one solution may not work for all women and girls. These areas are socio-economics, health, disability and LGBTQI+.


ENGSO is now seeking volunteers to join the Committee with expertise in the first two focus areas – LGBTQI+ (2022) and disability (2023).


The majority of the work of EWS is carried out online and through virtual meetings, however, we try to meet face to face at least twice per year. This usually happens alongside other ENGSO meetings. Unfortunately, ENGSO does not have the resources to fund the attendance of the EWS external experts at the face-to-face meetings and so their contribution will mainly be remote, unless additional funding can be found.


Term The term of appointment will be for 18 months, until the end of 2023.




Members with relevant expertise may self-nominate and will be appointed by the Chair of EWS in conjunction with the members of the Committee.


If you are interested in being considered as an external expert to the EWS Committee, please send a CV and covering letter to [email protected] by 15th August, 2022.




For any additional information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Floriane Poncet, ENGSO Project Officer at [email protected]

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