Message from the ENGSO President

Dear friends,


2023 is approaching and I would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the trust you have placed in us. Thank you for your continuous support and valuable contribution throughout the year.


ENGSO concluded 2022 by taking a firm stance on safeguarding the bedrock of European sport – the European grassroots sport movement (clubs and other voluntary sports organisations) and its values: democracy, solidarity, integrity, fair play, and inclusive and equal access to sport participation.


Therefore I am proud to announce the publication of the ENGSO position on the European Sport Model which highlights the importance of protecting the societal, health-related, and educational added values of grassroots sport.


For ENGSO, 2022 has been filled with incredible events, valuable projects, fruitful partnerships, meaningful discussions and significant growth in terms of representing and advocating for the voluntary-based sport in Europe.


With the support of our member organisations, the Faroese Confederation of Sports & Olympic Committee and the Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation, we gathered the grassroots sport community in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, for the ENGSO General Assembly in May, and in Arnhem, The Netherlands for the European Sport Platform in October.


With the support of the ENGSO EU Advisory Committee, we initiated a new conversation on the EU Energy Crisis and its impact on the sport sector and also contributed to the discussion on accessible sport infrastructure. Our project SPIRIT concluded with the release of an educational platform and a call to all sport actors to prioritise mental well-being and inclusion in sport, using coaching as a tool.


2022 was also the beginning of new action plans and initiatives.


The valuable work of the ENGSO Equality Within Sport Committee through the Equality in Sport action plan and project EQUIP aimed to research and improve equal opportunities in sport (focused on the LGBTQI+ community).


CHANGE and the Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme, to which our partner The European Lotteries is contributing, took on a mission to promote good governance, integrity and values in sport. Sport as values will allow us to share our perception of an empowered grassroots sport movement with the Western Balkans. Our youth body ENGSO Youth led the conversation on youth leadership and engagement, human rights, health and sustainability within the European sport movement.


In 2023, ENGSO will continue to represent, develop and advocate for the voluntary-based sport in Europe, and commit to fulfil its mission of building stronger communities through grassroots sport.


With these thoughts in mind, we are hoping to meet you again in 2023 – at the 31st General Assembly in Crete, Greece, and at the 6th European Sport Platform in Lisbon, Portugal.


We hope that you are able to enjoy a safe and pleasant holiday with your loved ones and wish you a #BeActive New Year filled with happiness, resilience and health.


Stefan Bergh, ENGSO President