Meet the #ESP2021 speakers: Dr Paolo Emilio Adami

Dr Paolo Emilio Adami will be one of the speakers at the upcoming European Sport Platform 2021, in the workshop entitled “Sustainability in and through Sport – Air Quality – air quality issues that impact global sport”.

Dr Paolo Emilio Adami has been involved with the youth sport (volunteering) from an early age, first at national , and later at the European level. He joined ENGSO Youth in 2009, first as a committee member, and later served as vice chair and chair. In 2018 he joined World Athletics as Medical Manager in the Health and Science Department.

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When it comes to the environment and climate, what is the biggest health threat athletes and sport organisations are facing nowadays? Please describe.




Climate change is having a dramatic impact both on athletes and sport organizations. Athletes are facing environmental conditions that can be considered “extreme” – more frequently, therefore they must include in their training a specific acclimatisation protocols to overcome and adjust the climatic conditions they will face during competition. Sport organizations must be prepared about the potential extreme environmental conditions that might be present during the competition.




In your opinion; how can global sport become more sustainable and environment friendly? What are some simple solutions, if there are any?




The only way for global sport to become more sustainable and environment friendly is by re-designing the internal structures and processes. Simplify processes is the key to become sustainable not only when it comes to organize events but also in the way the organizations generally operate. Sustainability should not only be an environmental approach but should be transversal to all the areas of a sport organization.


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