Let’s talk about mental well-being in coaching and sport – SPIRIT seminar recap

On Wednesday, 28 April 2021, ENGSO and the project SPIRIT partners hosted an online seminar, entitled “Sport and Mental Well-being”. The seminar acted as a platform for discussing mental well-being with high level sport stakeholders in Europe, especially in the context of the current health crisis.

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The seminar began with a welcome speech from ENGSO president Stefan Bergh who emphasised the importance of mental well-being in sport, especially in times of the pandemic.


Rachel May, SPIRIT project manager, presented SPIRIT, the partnership and the objectives of the project. She also gave an introduction to the seminar and the four guest speakers. Eila Ruuskanen-Himma (MIELI) spoke about the definition of mental well-being and its essential role in our lives. Simon de Clercq (M-factor) presented the concept of m-factor, the motivational programme/coaching, with concrete examples from the field. Anne Schomoeller (ICSSPE) official launched the IO1 ‘Systematic Literature Review on Sport and Mental Well-Being (which you can download here). Karine Teow (ITTF) concluded the programme with recommended actions and presentation of the upcoming coaching kit (IO4).


The online seminar ended with a discussion on promoting the autonomy of the athletes and what can sport organisations to promote and nurture the mental well-being of its members.


Learn more about the SPIRIT project and its intellectual outputs here: https://www.engso.eu/spirit-project

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