Join ENGSO webinar on “Energy Crisis and Sport”

Energy prices have hit all-time highs in 2022. During our webinar on “Energy Crisis and Sport” we will discuss how sport federations and sport clubs can cope with the upcoming energy crisis.



Especially sport is one part of society that has already considerably suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic. The related closures have impacted the membership numbers and overall health status of participants. This was shown in the latest published Special Eurobarometer on physical activity and sport.


Another closure due to energy-saving measures would stop the process of re-starting that has only recently begun after the Covid-pandemic. Even the prospect of amended opening hours would prevent many people from engaging in sports besides their everyday commitments. The Sport sector is now confronted with the need to reduce its energy footprint, therefore launching a wide discussion on increasing the sustainability and efficiency of its infrastructures.


We would like to discuss with you the question: “How can sport contribute to saving energy while upholding its services?


The online exchange will be opened by ENGSO President Stefan Bergh and chaired by


ENGSO EU Advisory Committee Julie Ravlo member.


Three speakers will join us:


Luisa Costa, from the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth


Jonnie Nordensky, Swedish Sports Confederation


Closing remarks: EU Advisory Committee



For additional questions, please contact [email protected].

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