Innovative ways to tackle present and future sport governance challenges: CHANGE project

ENGSO is honoured to announce the Erasmus+ Sport project application “CHANGE” has been approved for funding.


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Through the CHANGE project, the organised sports movement will be equipped to adopt innovative governance approaches, tailored for grassroots sports, to build sustainable and innovative ways to tackle present and future challenges. In particular the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for grassroots and non-profit sport organisations to identify innovative ways of working to meet their current and future demands and sustain their operations.


The project consortium consisting of 11 partners from 9 countries, will address this gap by developing a consortium of expertise on the topics of innovation and change management within the grassroots sports movement and create an interactive toolkit that will support the sport movement in their work to overcome the current crisis by adopting digital tools, build sustainable and innovative ways to tackle future challenges and include more citizen in their programs.


The objectives of the project are:

1. To conduct background research on the grassroot sports movement in Europe in relation to good governance, innovation and change management.


2. To investigate innovation readiness in the grassroot sports movement.


3. To build a hub of experts on grassroot sports, innovation and change management, focusing specifically on: Digitalisation, Inclusion/engagement and Sustainability.


4. To develop and Implement an interactive toolkit offering innovative management techniques and approaches for sport governing bodies and sport managers to support the grassroots sport movement across Europe.


5. To strengthen sustainable collaborations and partnerships in the area of innovation and grassroot sports in Europe by creating a network of CHANGE advocates within the grassroot sports movement.

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