Online seminar: the grassroots perspective on the European Sport Model

ENGSO has published its Position Paper on the European Sport Model on 12 December 2022 reflecting on its widely recognised characteristics but also highlighting its value and implications for the grassroots sport movement.


You can read the Position Paper here.


Join the ENGSO EU Advisory Committee on 13 April, as we go into the model from the grassroots level and move forward to enhance the understanding of sport’s value for society and help find new solutions to current and future challenges.

DATE: 13 April 2023 at 14:00 – 15:30

LOCATION: Online / Zoom



Welcome of the ENGSO President Stefan Bergh

From the EU level to the grassroots

  • Understanding the EU’s competences in sport
  • Current case: European Super League 
  • ENGSO Position Paper on European Sport Model – the grassroots perspective


Moving forward – ENGSO recommendations to safeguard the European Sport Model

  • A Structured Dialogue for Sport
  • Call for Action: upcoming EU Parliament election 2024


Conclusions of the online seminar


Seminar On European Sport Model


Theo Eu Sport Model

Theo Neyenhuis

Moderator of the Online Seminar and Chair of the ENGSO EU Advisory Committee

Senior Advisor Public Affairs at the Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation (NOC*NSF) and enthusiastic cyclist, he is chairing the EU Advisory Committee since 2022 and has been strongly involved in the creation of the ENGSO Position Paper on the European Sport Model. 

“With our work we can empower our members to be better equipped to engage in discussions with their national policy makers.”

Piere Eu Sport Model

Pierre-Louis Magnani


Member of the ENGSO EU Advisory Committee

International Relations Unit at the French Olympic and Sports Committee, he is the latest addition to the ENGSO EU Advisory Committee. His expertise will help the audience understand the uniqueness of the grassroots angle on the European Sport Model and introduce concrete actions to safeguard the model.

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