Get to know our Erasmus+ Sport funded project EQUIP

The Equip for Equality in Practice (EQUIP) project aims at improving equality in sport in Europe through the practical and sustainable implementation of the existing good practices and policies.


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The EQUIP project was conceived out of the acknowledgement that research and advocacy are strong in prioritising equality, but concrete actions and implementation are still lacking.

Objectives of the project

      • Advocate and support the prioritisation of equality at the governance level within sport.
      • Practical implementation of existing policies and good practices on equality in sport.
      • Develop competencies and capacities within Umbrella Sport Organisations.
      • Develop a network that drives equality within sport, in the long-term.
      • Raise awareness in general – put equality on the agenda and promote action.


Equip the sport actors


With the guidance of both individuals and organisations with expertise on equality and the abundant resources already in circulation, Umbrella Sport Organisations will be empowered with knowledge and equipped with tools to act as ‘Coaches’.


They will develop tailor-made action plans for sport clubs or federations in their country – the so-called ‘Champions’ – in order to improve governance and tackle issues of inequality at any level within their structure. Umbrella Sport Organisations will coach and support the clubs and federations for the implementation of these action plans with the aim of improving equality within their approach to governance and wider sport structure.


Finally, this entire process will be monitored, evaluated and learned from in order to identify some of the key transferable lessons which can be used to educate and inspire other stakeholders across the continent to similarly take action to improve governance and eliminate discriminating practices. This will ultimately help towards ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity in the life and practice of sport in Europe.

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The official kick off meeting was held on 28 May 2021.

Meet the partners


ENGSO and its partners believe that equality should be approached from an intersectional lens in which every European citizen can freely and safely participate in sport regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, physical ability, race and/or ethnicity, religion, age or any other discriminatory criteria.


      • European Non-Governmental Sport Organisation – Sweden
      • Centre for Ethics in Sport – Belgium
      • European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation – Netherlands
      • Portuguese Sports Confederation – Portugal
      • Riksidrottsförbundet Örebro – Sweden
      • Organizzazione per l’Educazione allo Sport – Italy
      • Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee – Belgium
      • Hellenic Paralympic Committee – Greece
      • Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation – Netherlands
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This project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission, and made possible thanks to the valuable support of the European Lotteries.

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