EU Advisory Committee meets in Bratislava

ENGSO EU Advisory Committee met in Bratislava for an in-person meeting hosted by the Slovakian NOC.

The meeting took place from 22 to 23 March, attended by the Chair of the EUAC, Theo Neyenhuis, Petra Gantnerova, Linda Rombola, Kaisa Larjomaa, Tiago Guilherme, and Nerijus Tabokas. Throughout the two days, several workshops were organised to facilitate progress on topics such as sustainability, e-sport, EU elections, and the EU Work Plan for Sport. The committee took note of significant efforts and achievements that have been made so far regarding the EU Work Plan for Sport and made further plans to influence the negotiations. In addition, the topic of the upcoming EU elections on 6-9 June was discussed at length, including how to support ENGSO members with activities aiming to promote sport on the EU agenda. It was agreed that ENGSO members will receive an informational email in due course about the EU elections, including several good practices that sports organisations in Europe have undertaken to influence elections at the national level.


The next meeting of the EUAC is foreseen to take place online before an in-person gathering at the General Assembly in Vienna on 14-16 June.

Engso Eu Advisory Committee Bratislava

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