EPAS Forum on Sport and Human Rights

On Tuesday, June 2, ENGSO Secretary General Sara Massini and ENGSO Youth Committee member Ivana Pranjić had the opportunity to participate in the Council of Europe EPAS Forum on Sport and Human Rights.

The issue of sport and human rights is a highly important topic that ENGSO has been working on for years. We were glad to see that EPAS, for which this topic is of paramount importance, proposed the seminar as part of their international sports policy agenda.



We believe that the issue of human rights violations (racism, discrimination, personal data protection rights, the rights to a fair trial, etc.) should be discussed and addressed.



This topic was part of the last two conferences of the Council of Europe of Ministers responsible for Sport organised by the EPAS.



EPAS has been asked to follow:


      • Make the protection of human rights a priority, regularly review and report on progress in this area.

      • Organise regular exchanges with relevant intergovernmental and monitoring bodies of the Council of Europe to share information on human rights in Sport.



The forum was divided into two separate roundtables:


1) Arbitration, privacy and freedoms


a. Right to fair trial


b. Data protection


c. Media freedom in sport



2) Social rights and anti-discrimination


a. Young migrant athletes and human trafficking


b. Economic and social rights of athletes, with a focus on right to health



Part of the forum was devoted to the presentation of tools to work on the following themes:


1) Help course on « Human Rights in Sport »


2) The Rights Understanding in Sport Toolkit (TRUST)


3) Centre for Sport and Human rights




If you are interested in the topic, we invite you to follow the link below to learn about the background of the topics: factsheets.

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