ENGSO publishes the updated ENGSO Policy Programme (2023)

A comprehensive summary of positions developed throughout the years that acts as a background source to guide ENGSO’s activities.

With the last version that was publicly available dating back to 2018, there was an urgent need to adapt it to the current EU Work Plan for Sport (2020-2024) and Multiannual Financial Framework (2021-2027).


The ENGSO Policy Department started the work process by identifying those parts that were still relevant and amended the structure of the document to create the first draft of the update. This was first presented to the ENGSO ExCom in February 2023 and went then in a collaborative reviewing process with the EU Advisory Committee, the Equality Within Sport Committee and ENGSO Youth.


With a whole workshop dedicated to the ENGSO Policy Programme at the ENGSO GA on Herssonisos, Crete the new features of the Policy Programme were presented. It now defines organised grassroots sport, has a table of contents to guide through the new structure and the sections link directly to the corresponding Position Papers. All representatives from the ENGSO member organisations had the chance to engage with the document and voice questions and provide feedback which was collected by the facilitators. 


During the General Assembly, Policy and Coordination Officer Elisabeth Strobach presented the proposed amendments that came up during the workshop. The amendments concerned re-phrasing for clarification and highlighting the specificity of sport. The membership approved the document with the presented amendments and therefore we now proudly publish the ENGSO Policy Programme 2023.


It is ENGSO’s ambition to make the update of contents a regular exercise and we invite everyone interested in a specific topic or the whole document to take a look at it. We would also like to point out that all the feedback received during the workshop was collected and will be taken into account in the future work of ENGSO.

Engso Policy Programme 2023

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