ENGSO met with the European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

Today, on Tuesday, 13 April 2021, ENGSO president Stefan Bergh, ENGSO Secretary General Sara Massini and ENGSO Policy Director Laurent Briel met with Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

The commissioner welcomed the ENGSO delegation to discuss cooperation in the field of sport, especially in connection with health, grassroots sport, innovation and youth.


Mr Bergh presented the work, committees and the main objectives of ENGSO. Ms Massini highlighted the three key challenges that could serve as a starting point for future cooperation:

      • the challenges of sport at the grassroots level,
      • the support and the help sport entities could use to efficiently face those challenges,
      • the support and the tools ENGSO is already contributing to address and solve those challenges.

The commissioner Ms Gabriel emphasized that the points highlighted are in line with the EU priorities.


We were also informed that the EU is finalizing a new road map; health-related goals achieved through physical activity and sport at all generational levels is a priority, and that attention must be shifted to the physical and mental health.


During the European Week of Sport 2021, the commissioner plans to launch the new Healthy Lifestyle For All initiative (#HealthyLifeStyle4All) which is based on the previous Tartu call. ENGSO is ready to support the development and the implementation of such initiatives to ensure sport and physical activities become accessible intergenerationally in all European countries.

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