ENGSO launches a New Action Plan for Equality in Sport led by EWS Committee


ENSGO, the European Sports NGO, has been a frontrunner in pushing for equality in and through sport for decades, building networks and projects, and organising events that promote equality and advocating for European sport policy that supports the efforts of the sports movement in reaching equality in all aspects.


This year, to ensure an even stronger commitment to reaching these objectives, ENGSO decided to design an action plan specifically related to Equality in Sport focusing on LGBTQI+. The Equality Within Sport (EWS) Committee, being a hub of expertise on equality, will lead the action plan “Equality in Sport”. This plan has several phases and will be implemented thanks to the joint effort of all ENGSO bodies and members led by EWS.


The plan will include 2 online webinars, 2 in person workshops, national training curse and the publication of a study over the actual LGBTI+ situation in sport.


The first big step start from a brand-new identity that can immediately help to identify the actions that ENGSO and its members to accomplish the action Plan for Equality in Sport. Which this objective, we present the new logo of the EWS Committee and the specific use for the purposes of the Equality or LGBTQI+ in Sport.


The main idea behind the creation of the logo was to create a direct association with ENGSO work and the principles/values and actions for Equality. The second objective for the creation of the logo was to try to be visible and accessible and not lose words when the dimension of the logo varies.

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With those two principles in mind, we developed a logo starting from ENGSO logo and adding the letters of Equality Within Sport. In this way the logo is simple but most important is visible also when the logo is used for the smaller items. To immediately identify the priority EWS will work on it will be always used a rainbow dot that helps immediately to connect the work of EWS with the topic of LGBTQI+ community.


For any specific question about the visual identity please contact our communication department at [email protected]

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The European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO) is a not for profit organisation with public responsibilities, the umbrella organisation of National Sport Confederations and National Olympic Committees from 33 European countries. ENGSO is a not for profit organisation with public responsibilities. We are part of the civil society to address social and political issues.