ENGSO features prominently in SportCity scientific journal

The work of ENGSO has been published in the scientific journal dedicated to sport and physical activity, SportCity Journal. SportCity Journal is a digital scientific journal published every six months, aiming to promote scientific debate on matters such as the development of cities and urban spaces through sport infrastructures, interaction between individuals and sport, etc.

The first edition of 2024 features ENGSO’s work in the field of sport policy, spanning from a white paper on the importance of accessible sport, achievements of the ASPIRE and EQUIP projects, a position paper on the European sport model, a white paper on sustainability, and the most recent position paper on the EU Work Plan for Sport 2024-2027.


ENGSO activities presented in SportCity Journal are linked to the recently adopted EU Committee of Regions opinion on ‘Building a values-based, bottom-up European sports model: a vehicle for encouraging inclusion and social well-being among young Europeans,’ to which ENGSO has also contributed by providing its relevant inputs. For instance, it is noted that in the position paper on the European sport model, the sport tourism sector may fall under the ‘partners’ category, which has the ability to bring added value to European sport in order to achieve common objectives. Lastly, the current edition of SportCity Journal will be available until September, showcasing various policy activities of ENGSO.

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