ENGSO EU Advisory Committee gathered to discuss grassroots sport policy and advocacy priorities

ENGSO EU Advisory Committee held an online meeting last week to discuss the upcoming policy paper on lifelong physical activity, priorities of the EU Presidency, partnerships and more.

The main topic of the meeting were the policy paper on lifelong physical activity, which will be prepared by ENGSO, and ENGSO Youth’s new position paper entitled “Recognition and validation of skills for youth gained through sports”.


The members of the ENGSO EU Advisory Committee also discussed the current and future EU Presidencies (Slovenia, France, Czech Republic, Sweden) and their priorities in the field of grassroots sport, and the European Parliament and its work related to sport.


ENGSO memberships and partnerships, European Sport Model, Air Quality and Sport Alliance, protection and promotion of the human rights of intersex and transgender athletes in sports competitions and several other matters were revised as well.

The members of the ENGSO EU Advisory Committee include: Laurent Briel, ENGSO Policy Director, Julie Ravlo, The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, Petra Gantnerova, Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee, Anthony Ferreira, French Olympic Committee, Theo Neyenhuis, NOC NSF, Linda Rombola, OPES Italy, Matej Manevski, ENGSO Youth – Policy and Projects.


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