ENGSO Equality Within Sport (EWS) Committee attends LGBTIQ+ and sports policy conference

On 3-4 November 2022, ENGSO Equality Within Sport (EWS) Committee attended the”LGBTIQ+ and sports policy conference” organised by the organised by the Dutch government in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Tarja Krum and Sarah Townsend participated in the event on behalf of ENGSO EWS Committee. At the conclusion of the conference, Yuri de Boer, Special Adviser & Coordinating Policy Officer – LGBTQI+ Equality from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, presented and handed over the official results of the event to ENGSO.


Key take away messages:

  • More research in the field of LGBTQI+ and sport is needed.
  • Role models and storytelling is important.
  • Sport federations can actively choose to be more inclusive, especially toward trans athletes.
  • Actions to be taken: develop guidelines for sport clubs on how to deal with discriminaiton, develop guidelines to enable trans, intersex and gender non-confirming sports people to play safely in sports clubs and in competitions, inform sport clubs, involve role models.