ENGSO & ENGSO Youth join ‘Air Quality & Sport Alliance’, established by SandSi & World Athletics

On Monday, 27 September 2021, SandSI (Sport and Sustainability International) and World Athletics announced the creation of the ‘Air Quality & Sport Alliance’, a group of international sports organisations committed to solving air quality issues that impact global sport.

We are honoured to announce ENGSO and ENGSO Youth are two of the organisations joining the alliance. We believe air quality is a critical issue that concerns us all, which consequently has an effect on the quality of physical activity at all levels, including the grassroots level

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Health, sustainability, access (for all) to a safe sport environment, clear air, etc., are the values and the priorities of ENGSO and ENGSO Youth, and their sport policies. This is why we are proud to contribute to the “Air Quality & Sport Alliance” working group.


“ENGSO is honoured to become one of the organisations joining the ‘Air Quality & Sport Alliance’. We believe air quality and clean, healthy environments are critical issues that concern us all, and which consequently also have an effect on the quality of physical activity (and life), particularly at a grassroots level. Sport can not be a healthy endeavour, if performed in a polluted environment. Through our work in grassroots sport, we are developing policies and tools that promote health,


climate action, equality, inclusion, sustainability, integrity and more. Our aim is to contribute to a better quality of life, using grassroots sport as a tool. We look forward to joining SandSI, World Athletics and other organisations in tackling the issue of air quality and ensuring citizens all over the world have access to clean, safe sport environments.“


Stefan Bergh, President European Sports NGO (ENGSO)


“Climate change is shaping the future of our planet, and the future of our youth. Young people are leading the climate action movement, because they are the group that will be most affected by the rising levels of the environmental pollution and climate change. At ENGSO Youth we are determined to make a difference and use sport as a tool to advocate and encourage new policies towards the planet’s protection, including the air quality. We are proud to join forces with SansSi, World Athletics, ENGSO and other organisations, and join the ‘Air Quality & Sport Alliance’, representing the leaders of climate action – the young people.”


Ugnė Chmeliauskaitė, ENGSO Youth chair


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