ENGSO at the 6th meeting of the European contact group on IPACS

On Thursday, 28 January 2021, ENGSO Policy Director Laurent Briel participated in the 6th meeting of the European contact group on the International Partnership against Corruption in Sport – IPACS.


The event gathered 21 participants; representatives of the governments, sport federations and other organisations.

Four main subjects were presented and discussed:

        • Task force 3 (optimising the processes of compliance with good governance principles to mitigate the risk of corruption) and the implementation of the guideline and update on the progress of IPACS Sports Governance the benchmark.
        • Update on IPACS: general presentation of the changes and the situation of the partnership (with the governments and partners).
        • Introduction of the IPACS Chair of the Steering Committee Mrs Jocelyn East from the Canadian government.
        • Discussion about the future development of the European Contact Group on IPACS.
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