ENGSO at Stakeholders’ meeting on Erasmus+ mobility in the field of sport

ENGSO General Secretary Sara Massini attended the Stakeholders’ meeting on Erasmus+ mobility in the field of sport which was held online, on Thursday, 2 December 2021.


The aim of the meeting was to provide the feedback and suggestions to the European Commission regarding the development of the mobility for sport staff program which is planned to start in 2023.

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This year the European Commission’s Sport Unit will work towards creating the framework for the program. The first call for proposal for the mobility for sport staff program will be published in 2022.


On behalf of ENGSO, Ms Massini highlighted:

      • The program might be extremely important for sport clubs at grassroots level to increase their capacity and professionalize the sport movement, improving the staff’s soft and hard skills,
      • The program should also be used to support exchange and educate and train sport professionals regarding relevant topics related to European sport policies,
      • It is important to ensure the exchange between more experts and big organizations with smaller and less experienced sport organizations.
      • It is important that the program would be accessible to the sports clubs and organizations at the grassroots level. The program should ensure that the grassroots sports clubs are included in the consortium program to allow a balanced participation between international, big organizations and grassroots sport organizations.
      • It would be important to ensure capacity building program for sports clubs to access and manage the program and apply for it having easy rules and easy formal procedures.

The next steps of the European Commission to finalise the program:

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