ENGSO and partners better equipped to tackle inequalities in sport

Equality, diversity and the fight against discriminations are objectives shared by sport organizations across Europe. But where to start? How to initiate, implement and measure the change? ENGSO and its partners have decided to create effective tools to guide umbrella sport organizations, and their federations or clubs, in defining and implementing actions to become more equal, equitable and inclusive.


Equality Action Plan – Design Guide


ENGSO and its partners have published a new tool: the Equality Action Plan – Design Guide. It contains a 6 phase-roadmap that guides you through the process of achieving change. It provides inspiration, questions to be answered and links to external resources.

“Your goals, your steps”: not all organizations have to follow the same path to reach their objectives. This guide includes canvas and workflow to be completed depending on your own and possible actions. It is illustrated with concrete examples and is meant to be adapted and used by a diversity of actors, from local to national level.


Testing and improving


In the spring of 2022, sport umbrella organizations from six different countries (Belgium, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden) will develop tailor-made Equality Action Plan for and with their sport clubs or federations –the so-called ‘Champions’ of the EQUIP project– to improve governance and tackle issues of inequality at any level within their structure. Over 2022 and 2023, they will support the implementation phase of these action plans, testing and improving this Design Guide along the way.


The creation of the Equality Action Plan – Design Guide was led by the Centre for Ethics in Sport (ICES) and coordinated by ENGSO in the framework of the EQUIP project. A final version of the Design Guide will be published at the end of the EQUIP project.


This project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission, and made possible thanks to the valuable support of the European Lotteries.

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