CHANGE project: building competite and relevant sports organisations to enable long term development

How do we build competitive and relevant sports organisations to enable long term development?

To answer the main question guiding us in the development of the project, the partnership started to collect important data through the phase 1 of CHANGE workshops, held at both national and European level. UFEC, EASM, DIF & MAU, WSF, being the direct connection with the sport movement, were firsts in line in the gathering of crucial information, to set the grounds of our research about “change readiness”. Soon OPES and LSFP will conclude this round of workshops, officially ending the first chapter of the project.


Targets of the workshop were: sport clubs, sport federations, sport NGOs, University students.

Phase 1 allowed us to investigate challenges, obstacles and opportunities faced by the grassroot sport movement. After a literature review conducted by Malmö University, the data collected through the round of workshops contributed to the finalisation of the first part of the research on change management and innovation in contemporary grassroot sports in Europe, soon available on CHANGE website

The research will also allow us to start the reflection on what we can do practically to support long term development of sport organisations: especially under the sustainability, inclusion and digitalisation point of view.


With the aim of supporting this process, the work of the 3 CHANGE expert groups was kicked-off during an online meeting held on October 20th, by ENGSO, N3xt SPORTS and SandSI. The wide landscape of skills represented by the 14 specialists will help the partners in shaping the tools (final outputs expected) to equip sport organisations to adopt innovative governance approaches.

The experts will soon meet in person to explore together the materials created until now and guide the next steps.

CHANGE project meeting