Building a fairer coaching all around Europe

On 24-25 January 2024, ENGSO took part in the kickoff meeting of the Erasmus+ project A Fairer Coaching (AFC project), lead by the italian organisation ASSIST - Associazione Nazionale Atlete. The partners, Alice Milliat (France), The Finnish Coaching Association (Finland), Sport Coaching Europe (Malta) and ENGSO, reunited in Bologna, Italy, to mark the beginning and outline the guidelines of the project.

Following the steps of Fair Coaching


Lasting 36 months, AFC project  is a follow-up action of the project Fair Coaching, which led to the creation of a Handbook of mapped good practices and reporting tools with impact analysis and positive inspiring story cases of fair coaching, Training Toolkits with educational materials for coaches, observers and young athletes and recommendations to policy and decision makers. 


With the aim of continuing the work and building on previous successful results, A Fairer Coaching aims at increasing equality, inclusion, diversity and fairness of coaching in the European sports system. Partners will be active in promoting an inclusive and equal overall model of coaching, empowering coaches themselves and specifically those who work with young athletes and youth sectors, as well as sport organisations and institutions to work towards this objective and, therefore, towards a more balanced coaching system in Europe.

How will we try to reach such objectives? 


Among the common goals of the partnership, the next years will be dedicated to:


  • Collection, analysis and organisation of good practices in training programs for a fairer coaching
  • Development of an e-learning educational platform
  • Development of an Educational toolkit
  • Transnational trainings and exchange of experiences for coaches
  • Contact making seminars
  • National workshops and transnational webinars
  • Digital storytelling campaign
  • Elaboration of Guidelines and Recommendations for national & European sport decision and policy makers


ENGSO, leading the work package on Communication, Impact and Dissemination, will coordinate the partners in order to maximise the reach of international and national stakeholders.

Fairer Coaching

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