Be Active for Greener Sport: ENGSO joins the BAGS project 

With the expertise and experience from the Play Green initiative, ENGSO joins the Be Active for Greener Sport (BAGS) Erasmus+ project, as an expert partner that will lead the upcoming training course in Spain, and contribute to the collection and development of the green practices and sustainability tools for sport clubs.

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Based on the quest to raise awareness about the relationship between the environment and sport, and the importance of implementing sustainable practices within the grassroots sport community, the Be Active for Greener Sport (BAGS) project aims to initiate a behavioural change that would lead sport clubs and sport organisations to put sustainability into practice, especially when organising trainings, competitions and events. BAGS is led by OPES International, and besides ENGSO includes two additional partners: Logos Basket and RHA. 


The project will also contribute to raising participation in sport by inviting volunteers who are passionate about environmental protection but haven’t been enrolled in sport clubs before or have been inactive for a longer period of time. By uniting the topics of environment and sport, BAGS hopes to spike interest in volunteers to not only protect the environment but also to protect their health by becoming physically active on a regular basis. 


The first activity of the project – the training course, will be hosted by the partner Logos Basket, in Valencia (Sedavi), Spain, from 15-16 February 2023. The BAGS training will host 26 participants from Italy, Romania and Spain. With the introduction of experiences, practices and tools from the Play Green project, ENGSO project manager Niki Koutrou will be the main facilitator, leading the participants through two days of sessions on relationship between sport and environment, and climate change. 


The training will also serve as an opportunity to plan local activities which the participants will implement within their home communities based on the knowledge gained through the training course. 


ENGSO still promotes and raises awareness about INAMOS’ outcomes, with the support of our members and partners, among the relevant stakeholders which are part of the UNHCR European political table for Ukrainian refugees. 


ENGSO policy officer and project managers are also actively involved in disseminating the outputs with an aim to support grassroots sport organisations and clubs in implementing the practices developed within the project.

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