An active year comes to an end for the EWS

The EWS Committee will build on the positive results from 2023 to continue its effort in promoting and improving gender equality and diversity in grassroot sport in Europe in 2024.

As part of its strategy 2022-2026, the focus in 2023 was on equality, diversity, and inclusion in European sport, highlighting LGBTQI+ and people living with disabilities. On December 12th, the EWS held its last meeting of the year and looked back at the year’s achievements.


During 2023, 13 activities were organised by the EWS, which reached more than 500 people consisting of ENGSO members, umbrella sport organisations, sport federations and clubs, NGOs, and other European organisations working on gender equality.

Ews Lisbon

You can find all the EWS activities on the Sport for Equality action plan webpage:

  • 4 online seminars 
  • 6 workshops/sessions on equality
  • 2 pilot trainings 
  • 1 European Coordination meeting

ENGSO and EWS members participated in more than 30 external events related to gender equality and diversity, with 20 active presentations reaching more than 3500 people. For example, the EU Sport Forum, the European Sport Congress, the “Let’s be better” seminar, the GAP Women Impact Workshop, the EuroGames 2023, etc.

Finally, communication activities were frequent via all ENGSO channels to raise awareness on the topic with the #StandUp4Equality campaign, which reached about 223,000 people. It included the promotion of good practices, the presentation of role models for equality, and the publication of key numbers from the 2023 research as part of the Orange the World UN Women campaign against gender-based violence.

Find all publications on the equality page of the ENGSO Education website.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact any member of the EWS committee or the ENGSO Project and Equality Officer: [email protected]

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