Air Quality & Sport Challenge: the kick off meeting

ENGSO Secretary General Sara Massini participated in the kick off meeting of the Air Quality & Sport Challenge which took place on 30 March 2022, hosted by the ThinkSport, together with the Sustainable Sport Lab (SSL), the Sustainable Mountain Alliance (SMA).


In September 2021, ENGSO became the official supporter of the Air Quality & Sport Alliance. Air quality and clean, healthy environments are critical issues that concern us all, and which consequently also have an effect on the quality of physical activity (and life), particularly at a grassroots level.


The meeting began with introduction from the ThinkSport, Innovaud, SandSI and the Sustainable Mountain Alliance, the organisations who are leading the Air Quality & Sport Challenge, and continued with World Athletics, Formula E and UCI presenting their issues related to Air Quality and athlete safety.


The highlight of the meeting were the pre-selected participants of the challenge (challengers) presenting their solutions for:


1—Measure and mitigate the effect of poor air quality on athletes


2—Solutions that clean polluted air and/or reduce air pollution


3—Rethink mobility


In April, the 10 best proposals will be selected and invited to continue the training that will prepare them for the final pitch at THE SPOT.


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